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We believe in the holistic development of the child, hence we support the improvement of children education in the areas that need it the most. We support La Grande Académie school project located in Niger, West Africa, to brings a world class education program to children in the rural areas of Niger. With a curriculum created by literacy experts integrating global education, technology, athletics, and social engagement, we can help in raising and nurturing well-rounded leaders and change-makers for their rural communities.

“We are very happy about the opportunity given to our children. We did not get a chance to attend school, and today we are paying the price. I attended Quranic School so I am a disciple, I make ends meet by being helpful and at the service of others. Unfortunately, times have changed now. One needs to know how to read and write in order to get by. I am very glad my children have that opportunity now. We have been moving around a lot, and everywhere we go the schools are not close to us. So this is an honorable things for us to have La Grande Académie close to us in the outskirts of the town.” (Translated from Hausa)

Testimonial from a father of 4 students at La Grande Académie School in Zinder, Niger.



Make a global impact: Change Lives Today

LGA targets areas with no water nor electricity to maximize their impact in the community. LGA is a catalyst for the progressive transformation of the South side of Zinder. Students were introduced some electronics, tablets and a great variety of learning tools including over 300 three-dimensional objects that are used as a learning support to increase knowledge retention on science, language lessons and reading activities. 

Parents have provided great feedback about the program. The average classroom GPA proves the effectiveness of this proactive and experiential learning method in remote parts of the world that do not speak the country's official language as their first languages.

Current school year service:

- 69 students from 47 families, including 23 girls.

-23 students in preschool, 9 are girls

- 46 elementary students showed an average GPA of 8.6/10 in 2017.

LGA shares their premises with the local community. Public High School students are engaged to develop competitive skills through the responsible use of the communication technologies, and parents are engaged as well, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to attain economic sufficiency.

There are several ways you can join this effort. You can donate books, toys, nonperishable goods, classroom furniture, sports gears, etc... or make tax-deductible contributions.

For as little as $20 per month or $240 per year, you can send a child to school, and allow them to receive a school uniform, proper healthcare, hygiene supplies, and nutritious breakfast and lunches all year round.

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