We believe in the holistic development of the child, hence we support the improvement of children education in the areas that need it the most. We support La Grande Académie school project located in Niger, West Africa, to brings a world class education program to children in the rural areas of Niger. With a curriculum created by literacy experts integrating global education, technology, athletics, and social engagement, we can help in raising and nurturing well-rounded leaders and change-makers for their communities.

Our audacious dream, What if we build word class schools in rural areas of developing countries, with innovatives STEM labs, sports fields and nature classrooms? Sounds like basic school resources, right? Globalisation is shrinking the world, however the gap between developed and underdeveloped areas is widening. So we need to raise changemakers who can create solutions for their people. So, this is our dream at The Great Academy. We target areas with no water nor electricity. Our first project is a catalyst for the progressive transformation of the south side Zinder in Niger. Typically in remote areas, the language used in schools is different than the native language children first learn. Academically, we see the Montessori Method as the primary teaching method in the preschool to build cognitive skills despite the language barrier. Hence, we raise multilingual changemakers as creative and as equipped as any child in the developed world. Those future changemakers can stand against the capitalistic charity system that is shaping their own space. Aside from proven data, I know that this setting in rural areas  invites the community members into this globalisation and equip them to be productive in it. This will break generational poverty.

In Niger, over 50% of the population is under 15, 84% live in rural areas and only 19% of the over age 15 can read and write. Decision makers are accounted in the later, most living in the cities. Rural areas need creative leadership. I started in 2013 in Niger. I got approval from the government and built 3 classrooms and some offices. Our first day of school was in October 2016. Students were introduced to a great variety of learning tools including three-dimensional objects that are used as a learning support to increase knowledge retention on science, language and reading activities. I have mostly funded this project on personal saving and loans. I believe that the foundation has been set, however to achieve the vision as described above we need to fundraise for additional classrooms, a clean water pump, the athletics fields and the technology envisioned in the various labs.

“We are very happy about the opportunity given to our children. We did not get a chance to attend school, and today we are paying the price. I attended Quranic School so I am a disciple, I make ends meet by being helpful and at the service of others. Unfortunately, times have changed now. One needs to know how to read and write in order to get by. I am very glad my children have that opportunity now. We have been moving around a lot, and everywhere we go the schools are not close to us. So this is an honorable things for us to have La Grande Académie close to us in the outskirts of the town.” (Translated from Hausa)

Testimonial from a father of 4 students at La Grande Académie School in Zinder, Niger.

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