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Perspective enables us to see life, situations, problems, and people from many different views. By enhancing our logical thinking and reasoning, perspective helps us better solve problems. In fact, it shapes our critical thinking and logic while at the same time strengthening our interpersonal skills. 


We started with La Grande Académie School in Zinder, Niger to enable children to break the cycle of poverty by acquiring the tools they need to turn their dreams into reality through enrichment and S.T.E.A.M. education. The school has been providing educational services to five grades and continues to enhance its mission with summer programing and adult-learning initiatives. Thus, our organization has evolved into a global community that not only crosses geographic borders but also transcends cultural boundaries known as The Great Academy (TGA). Our World Tour Program envisions students journeying around the globe by learning about other realities via exposure to culture, food, music, games, sports, history, and civic life of foreign countries. 


We envision a globe united through friendship where children and leaders grow into skilled community builders.


We commit to raising culturally competent change-makers, who value diversity and are equipped with the critical thinking, communication, socio-emotional, and language skills to work collaboratively with their counterparts globally.

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