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Committed to Our Champions


Executive Director/Founder

Balkissa Mahamane is the founder of The Great Academy Inc. and carries over 12 years of professional experience in various multicultural settings. Originally from West Africa, Balkissa attended a French International School for secondary education graduating with an international baccalaureate with a focus on Economics & Social Sciences. Now living in Omaha NE, Balkissa could effectively transition in the US Education system, learn English and obtain her Bachelors, MBA and MEd degrees within 6 years, while already building her professional career in finance, thriving to becoming a serial entrepreneur today. This effective and productive transition in a new country, a new community and culture was only possible due to the preparation received at an earlier age.

​Balkissa’s experience traveling to foreign countries made her realized that we are more alike than different, and there should be no place for wars with our keens. Hence the mission of TGA Inc is to connects the global and the local community to raise globally competent leaders and thoughtful decision-makers who can build up peaceful and resilient communities. She founded La Grande Académie Elementary school in her hometown, Zinder in Niger, West Africa. With grades up the 4th Grade, her team provides a safe, healthy and engaging atmosphere to raise and nurture well-rounded leaders and change-makers for their rural communities.

In general, Balkissa promotes entrepreneurship, education and community service, while encouraging cross cultural team work. She is a SCORE Volunteer, the Director of Finance for the Leadership Africa Summit 2019, VP of Community Impact with the Omaha JCI where she mentors the 2019 Teen Outstanding Young Omaha Teens and you will find her to be a fellow of the 2019 class of the New Leaders Council where TGA Inc was developed as her capstone project.


Our Ambassadors and classroom teachers run special programs and carry out activities to help our Champions become empowered, have fun and build their skills.

If you love working with kids and you are looking to develop your leadership skills? Become an Ambassador! You’ll  impact and empower children, bringing joy to many young people in the USA and abroad.

As a Teacher, your class can join the Omaha Kid Power Team. As a Team, we amplify our energy and empower our children as well as the impact they are making on other children that are less fortunate.